Udaipur Cricket League 2017 to be held between November 11-30

The Udaipur Cricket League 2017 is scheduled to be held from 11th to 30th of November at the Railway Ground and the Shikarbadi Ground. The League looks to focus on promoting the Domestic and District Level Tennis Cricket and Cricketers.



Udaipur Cricket League 2017


Redefining India, the organisers of Udaipur Cricket League 2017, are a group who are working towards the betterment of the society by developing an inclination of youth populace towards the current social issues through unique initiatives and events, be it a campaign aimed at a progressive and sustainable India or a Marathon or a Clean India Drive.


The winning team will be awarded an amount of Rs.1 Lakh, and attractive prizes will be also given for the best batsman, best bowler and player of the tournament. There are above 50 teams that have already registered for the 20 days  tournament.


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